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Are you spending too much to get to few clicks?



Do you find yourself clicking around the Amazon Ads console for hours?



Having trouble understanding what are the results of changes you make?

AdTrimmer is different from the existing tools.


Hiring an agency?

Expensive and you have to trust them to do the right thing. They don't really know your business.


Other PPC Tools

Current tools like Scale Insights and Helium 10 are very complicated and require you also hire an employee just to manage them.


Doing it yourself?

Is time-consuming with too many clicks. You have to learn and do everything yourself.

Start saving money today.

Our Smart Pause features make it easy.

Quickly and easily pause ads that are not performing well during the hours they are not performing well. Choose individual ASINs or when you're ready you can pause all ASINs for even greater savings.

Takes just minutes to get started.

Follow the recommended best practice strategies and in minutes you will be saving money on ads.

Works with your existing ads.

No need to start from scratch. AdTrimmer works with your existing ads.

You know your products best.

Targeted alerts bring your attention to ASINs that are not performing well. Only focus on the 10% of ASINs that are not performing well.

Your time is your most valuable resource.

AdTrimmer is built to ensure your time is only spent on what matters to saving your business more money.

You know your products better than anyone else.

You have a level of understanding of your products that no one else can match. AdTrimmer leverages that knowledge.

You know who your competition is.

AdTrimmer will bring you the data you need to make the right decisions. Who is competing with you and how are you doing against them?

We are here to help.

Free courses & tutorials

Short videos to know what to do based on your situation.

Free onboarding call

Get a free 30 minute onboarding and consultation call.


Before Ad Trimmer I was always losing track of what I needed to do with my ad campaigns. I also really struggled trying to understand what I had most recently changed and I could never tell if those changes actaully had the impact I wanted. Now with Ad Trimmer I can quickly focus on where I'm overspending, and this focus of my attention has brought our ACOS down from over 35% to around 25%. Thanks Ad Trimmer!


Highland Selections

Excellent value for our money. The easy to use mobile interface allows me to optimize my ads in just minutes each day. Sometimes it feels like I'm playing a game on my phone it's so easy. I really like how the most important actions I need to focus on are front and center in the app.


Making all of our ad changes in the native Amazon API was growing very tedious for our business. I downloaded Ad Trimmer and immediately appreciated that I could do in 1 click what previously took me 6+ clicks. This allowed me to optimize my ad campaigns more often and in less time. Now I have more time to focus on what I really need to each day and not ad maintenance.


Grow your ads, in one place.

Sales Dashboard
Easily see organic and ad driven sales in one simple UI anywhere, anytime. Your data is always available to you.
Improve TACOS
A focus on the bottom line for each and every product. Easily see the TACOS trend over the time period you choose.
Smart Pause
Day-parting best practices. We help you pause ads when they are least effective, to save budget for when they are most effective.
Target Competitors
Easily see which competitors you should be advertising against and which you should not.
Mobile App
Control in your pocket. Take 10 minutes away from social media to make your company save money.
Just enter your cost of goods and we calculate with Amazon fees your profits. Our app is focused on increasing your profits.
Flexible Reports
You decide the report interval you need to see to run your business. Just pick the time frame and we will give it to you.
Snooze Alerts
Lower selling products can be snoozed, to allow more time to collect data on ad performance.


Per month
Payment frequency


$ 200 200

Our introductory plan to get you started.

  • Mobile App
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Smart Pause
  • Review Campaigns
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Most popular


$ 300 0

Scales to your business needs.

  • Mobile App
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Smart Pause
  • Review Campaigns
  • ASIN level control over all products
  • Priority chat support
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$ 400

Our most advanced plan for businesses that need more.

  • Mobile App
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Smart Pause
  • Review Campaigns
  • ASIN level control over all products
  • Priority chat support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Roadmap influence
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Frequently Asked Questions

Any other question? Please email us at

Can I download Ad Trimmer to my Android phone?

Ad Trimmer currently only works on iPhone. We will also release to Android if we get enough interest, but currently the majority of our customers seem to be iPhone users. Please let our support team know if you want Ad Trimmer for Android.

How far back can I see my sales and product data?

We will start tracking your data as soon as you install Ad Trimmer. In general we can download around 90 days of data before you activate your Ad Trimmer account from Amazon. Going forward you will have access to data for the lifetime of your account.

Should I be concerned about others seeing my data?

Nope. Ad Trimmer takes your data security very seriously. No other 3rd party or other customers of our will ever have access to your data. We use all modern encryption techniques to secure your password and sensitive data at rest and in transit.

Can I use it for free?

No we do not offer a free trial. However, we have many happy customers, and we would be happy to share their testimonials with you if you're interested.

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Ad Trimmer is made in Austin, TX